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School hours - including Yard Duty and Supervision

Yard Duty and Supervision

Student safety at Wyndham Vale Primary School is our highest priority and the safe and appropriate supervision of students is an important element of our duty of care to students. Part of this duty is ensuring parents and students are aware of our student supervision arrangements before and after school.

Before school: School gates are opened, and grounds are supervised at 8:20am until all students have entered classrooms at 8:45am.

After school: School grounds are supervised at the conclusion of the school day at 2:55pm until gates are closed at 3:10pm.

Students on school grounds outside these times will not be supervised (unless they are attending a before or after school care program or supervised extracurricular activity). Parents/carers/guardians are requested to ensure that students do not attend school outside of these supervised times unless they are attending before or after school care, or a pre-arranged supervised activity (i.e. sports practice).

Families are encouraged to contact the school office on 03 8754 0888 or refer to Team Kids for more information about the before and after school care facilities available to our school community or if you would like any further information about our student supervision arrangements.

For more information about our Yard Duty and Supervision at Wyndham Vale Primary School please contact the school office on 03 8754 0888. Wyndham Vale Primary School’s student supervision arrangements span the school day, including before and after school.

School hours for ALL students are as follows:

Note:  Children in Foundation classes must be collected from the classroom door.

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