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Junior School Council

Hello parents, teachers and students of WVPS,


We are the student members of the JSC (Junior School Council). We were chosen by our fellow students to represent them, by making sure the voice of our fellow students is heard. With this position we have the opportunity to demonstrate and be a role model for school rules and positive school behaviours. We meet regularly to create phenomenal new ideas to enhance the school.  


This year we are here to announce that the JSC are reaching to Fundraise, keep the school environmentally friendly and provide and run a quiet game indoor and outdoor area. When there are special days like environment week and nude food, Harmony and Remembrance Day, we promote these at assemblies and in our newsletter and we also help out. There will also be the school picnic, art show, Remembrance Day and discos to come up. We look forward to a busy and fun year which we will reflect on in the school yearbook.

Junior School Council

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