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Junior School Council

Hello parents, teachers and students of WVPS,


We are the student members of the JSC (Junior School Council). We were chosen by our fellow students to represent them, by making sure the voice of our fellow students is heard. With this position we have the opportunity to demonstrate and be a role model for school rules and positive school behaviours. We meet regularly to create phenomenal new ideas to enhance the school.  


This year we are here to announce that the JSC are reaching to Fundraise, keep the school environmentally friendly and provide and run a quiet game indoor and outdoor area. When there are special days like environment week and nude food, Harmony and Remembrance Day, we promote these at assemblies and in our newsletter and we also help out. There will also be the school picnic, art show, Remembrance Day and discos to come up. We look forward to a busy and fun year which we will reflect on in the school yearbook.

Junior School Council


This week we have began working with Dianne Johnson from the Wyndham City Council. She is helping us develop the Wyndham Active Schools program at Wyndham Vale P.S. The purpose of this program is to encourage more students to walk, ride and scooter to school. We are also encouraging students to be dropped off by their parents at a short distance from the school, so students can walk the rest of the way. Walking riding and scooting to school is great exercise and will help with traffic congestion around the school. Many grade 5 students applied to become an Active Schools Junior ambassador. Three students were successful. Congratulations to Helen, Anahat and Ayden. These students will work with Miss Vandy, Dianne, the School Captains and the JSC to build up the program at the school. We aim to raise awareness about road safety and the benefits of exercise. We will be mapping out safe paths around the school, giving rewards to students who walk and ride to school, having school breakfasts for those that walk or ride and celebrating with a special day in which students can decorate their bikes, scooters, or shoes.

Habitat Heroes' Gardening Program


Today (13/9/23) was a beautiful spring day and perfect conditions to begin our school habitat garden. The JSC and school captains worked with Susie from Nature West Heroes Habitats to plant 70 grasses, trees, and shrubs in our garden. We have new planter boxes to grow vegetables and compost bins to keep our garden healthy. Each student that took part in our planting received a plant to take home and care for. We look forward to maintaining our garden seeing our garden grow!

Active Schools Program - Path Planning


The Junior School council and School captains of WVPS had the opportunity to work with the Mayor of Wyndham, Cr Susan Mc Intyre on our Active Schools program. With her guidance, we mapped out safe paths for students to use to travel to school via, walking, riding, or scootering. These paths will now be spray painted to encourage students to actively travel to school for fitness and to reduce traffic congestion around the school.

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